Sony's mobile team has once again recorded losses. Compared to the corresponding period in 2016 it is poor. What can Sony do to make its smartphones start to make money?

At the very beginning I will ask: what do you think about Sony smartphones? I think we will all have a very close-minded proposition that can be described in more or less the same way. Sony makes good devices, which are not the least priced, for this fast cheap after the premiere. The flagship is waterproof, and the Xperia XZ1 Compact is basically the only Android device with a small size and a powerful specification. In addition to good photos, but to the forefront a bit short, the mode of slow-motion gives plenty of fun, and the battery life in principle can not complain. So what went wrong?

Sony's mobile division again at a loss

Let's start with a look at the table with financial results. It looks like Sony is going out on its own? At best, but try to guess which of the eight branches of Japanese business brings losses?

Fot. Mobile Communications

Fot. Sony

Yes, of course it's a mobile department, and this one is of most interest to us. The difference is quite good, because compared to the same period last year, the smartphone business did not make a profit as it did in 2016, but generated $ 22 million loss. Ouch. How do you try to translate it yourself, but rather a PR department to get in touch with the media? Allegedly, the losses are related to sales problems geographically, which simply means that in some parts of the globe, Sony smartphones are not selling too much. Additionally, the fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate were affected negatively.

Views on the future? After all, positive

When analyzing the entire report on Japanese revenue, I came to the conclusion that if Sony did not want to abandon smartphone production, it would not be forced to do so. The mobile department does indeed generate losses, but on the backdrop of profits from the remaining seven branches of business are not impressive numbers. Loss can not be tolerated indefinitely and the company will certainly do something about it. In our tests Sony Xperia XZ1 Damian pointed out that it is a great smartphone, but it lacked the effect "WOW". And I sign up without hesitation.

Sony Xperia XZ1 / fot. gsmManiaK

Sony Xperia XZ1 / fot. gsmManiaK

Earlier it was rumored that Sony in 2018 would finally drop out of the OmniBalance design and reduce the range of covers that have already become a feature of smartphones from Japan. Also note that although the company produces meshes of fantastic quality, it can not somehow match the top of the smart photo smartphones. When they manage to make up for these two shortcomings they will go to an unpleasant past. I will repeat the question from the beginning: what do you think about Sony smartphones?