Are we waiting for time to learn not only the cameras in laptops, but also the smartphones? I've been thinking about it for a long time, but new information indicates that it does not have to be a fantasy.

One of Google's employees, Felix Krause, described how iOS apps can access the camera and record videos or photos of the user's face and recognize his emotions. Of course, he himself will not realize it. The app gives you access to the camera on your smartphone on iOS, with access to both the front and back camera. Actually giving it permission, we give credit to the developer of the app that it will not overuse it. The application could capture an image from any camera at a convenient time and send it to the appropriate server. It is a shame that there is no such thing as an LED on the smartphone, as is the case with the MacBooks. Although Krause does not discover anything extraordinary, it shows how an unfortunate situation can turn into a nightmare . I've often wondered what to do with the front camera on my smartphone, since it's worth sticking the camera on my laptop. Last but not least, this seemed to me to be a daily hindrance when using smartphones. In the future, when more 3D scanning devices appear, as security … for most, it will be even less profitable. How to protect yourself? At the moment we can only trust the developers of the applications we use. At the same time , do not give away the right and the right to excessive number of rights to the camera, especially not popular or unproven applications or games. Krause also appeals to Apple to rebuild the iOS security system on this issue so that there will be at least one notification when someone tries to use the camera without our knowledge. Source: Motherboard