New research shows that roughly half the Americans have at least one Apple product. That's not what we think.

Apple is a company whose one product is extremely popular in many parts of the world . Speaking of iPhone smartphone. Of course, this is not the only thing with a biting apple that sells well. In many respects they are not so caught up in our country. The situation is different in the US. The CNBC's All-America Economic Survey in late September revealed that as many as 64 percent of US residents have at least one product with a bitten apple logo. For comparison – in 2012 the same study mentioned 50%. This means that even more people have Apple hardware than a few years ago. It turns out that in the average household we find on average 2.6 Apple products. Apple products are everywhere – regardless of income, age, race, gender or region of the country. It is not surprising that the richest people have even more – there are 4.7 products per person in this group . Obviously, the result does not have to be so real. The study was conducted in just 800 people . The error margin is plus / minus 3.5 percentage points. With so many states like the US it would be worth a lot of effort. Nevertheless, the outcome would probably be very similar. It's not hard to see that Americans have long loved Apple products. Source: CNBC