LG's operating profit increased nearly 82% in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last year. Unfortunately, but the mobile department has not succeeded in this way in any way, and even further loses the money needed to the company.

Which one is it when I write that the LG mobile department does not cope? This begins to resemble the story that will unfold before our eyes for many months to come. In the third quarter of this year, Korean business revenue was $ 454 million, and revenue was $ 13.4 billion. The increase in revenues for LG is mainly due to good sales of other devices than smartphones – more specifically about premium TVs and other home accessories. The mobile division for the third quarter of 2017 has earned nothing. Ba, even lost – and that's a pretty big sum that oscillates around $ 174 million . The set is above the numbers and it comes out that smartphones from LG deal on average. But the judgments will have to wait until the end of this year. The LG V30 is not yet available in Europe, it was only debuted on two markets – I recently wrote that this device turned out to be a pre-sale latch. Secondly, Damian noticed yesterday that the LG G6 can be bought for less than $ 2,000, just half a year after the launch. I also did not see a smartphone that would drop almost 40% of the price over a dozen or so weeks. https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/756878/lg-v30-przedsprzedaz/ And it's not the end of black clouds over the LG mobile department. Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixela 2, and on the horizon is yet another Mate 10 from Huawei – all three of the smartphones mentioned, are real beasts. Well, LG will not give up smartphones – that's for sure. The smaller the sales, the less money you have for innovation and the better your business. And that's a big problem. Source: Financial Times