Looking for a reinforced smartphone and waterproof is most important to you? Take a look at the Nomu S10 Pro, which is the first smartphone in the world to meet IP69. Is it the best resistant smartphone on the market?

Have you already searched the entire smartphone market for the best mobile phones for the active, but still you little? In that case, your requirements will be met by Nomu's new model. S10 Pro has been awarded the IP69 standard . What does it mean?

The first IP69 smartphone

The IP67 standard means that you can leave your smartphone under water up to 1 meter deep for half an hour. This is the case for the iPhone X. IP68 is one and a half meters per hour – here is an example for us to use Galaxy Note 8. If you are not enough for you want to have it with you for example, when snorkeling, you need IP69. It gives resistance to two meters for an hour. And this is the best result in the world of smartphones – straight from Nom. See this for yourself on video: YouTube Preview Image The company says it is possible thanks to 10 years of experience in creating adventurous electronics. What do we get besides the best on the water resistance market? Let's look at the specification. The processor is the MediaTek MT6737T (quad-core Cortex-A53 1.5 GHz). At our disposal, the manufacturer left 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data. This is not a performance daemon, but such a set should suffice not to disappoint the user in the situations for which he was created. In battery-resistant equipment, the battery is more important than 5000 mAh . With a 5 inch HD screen it should suffice for a few days of work away from the socket. You can easily go for a bivouac weekend forgot about the loader. How much do we have to pay for such pleasure? Well … about 600 zlotys . Have you ever seen a smartphone that has something first on the market and costs six stacks? Because I can not remember something like that. In conclusion, if you are looking for a resilient smartphone with a great battery life and at the same time an important criterion for you is low price, Nomu S10 Pro can be a great choice for you. Source: gizmochina