About the new devices of Koreans from the popular Galaxy A series we know more and more. It turns out that Samsung can equip all Galaxy A models for 2018 with a button and function that I think is completely unnecessary.

There is nothing to say – we all know that Samsung is preparing new Galaxy A smartphones that will represent the average Korean shelf in 2018. About these devices we know more and more, however, I am worried about the last, fresh gossip that appeared on the web. According to her, virtually all Galaxy A (2018) equipment, regardless of model, will feature a dedicated button, which, like the Galaxy S8 or S8 + or Galaxy Note 8, will run Bixby's intelligent assistant … Bixby is one of the biggest controversies of recent months. This is mainly about how Samsung promoted this solution and even blocked applications and solutions that allowed to disable the button to activate the assistant. Interestingly, after a few months the Koreans actually surrendered and let everyone off the extra button on the housing. Samsung, however, did not allow a specific action or shortcut to be assigned to this button, and I do not think that this option has ever been added. Do not get me wrong – Bixby in Galaxy A (2018) is another thing Samsung will want to push from its flagship to the middle of the shelf. The problem is that in fact this function is used by a fraction of users , and in Poland probably only a handful or a specific niche – I would like to know the specific numbers and percentages related to this issue. Bixby in the "middle" will thus be another tempting option, which will give everyone a taste of what is on the flagship equipment of the. Samsung logo. This unfortunately does not convince me and in fact Samsung could stop it for other features. Although a refined dual camera system. Source: Weibo