Razer has confirmed that he is working on a mobile gaming device. When is the Razer debut and is it worth the wait for the smartphone for the players?

Razer associates anyone who has encountered the world of PC gaming. It is known that it is not cheap, hence the debut of this year's smartphone for the players will also not cheap. But do you necessarily need a separate device for this?

What should be a smartphone for players?

I will start with truism. The smartphone for the players should be efficient. But can we talk about even greater efficiency in the world of telephones? After all, devices such as the LG V30, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the new iPhones are equipped with absolutely top-end components. Should this phone have more RAM? He could, but I do not see sense in this sense.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch/ fot. Nintendo

I think you could go in the direction of the controllers, as in the Nintendo Switch. Possibly inspire yourself with Motorola and use the player module connected to the back of the device while playing. But it seems to me that Razer will want to present something that was not on the market yet. It seems to me that the field of visualization still leaves those responsible for graphics. Performance of graphics chips is growing at a higher pace than the processors themselves, which gives hope that upcoming mobile games will delight our eyes with beautiful images.

Will Razer present a gaming tablet?

Let's now imagine what a Razer smartphone might look like. It may turn out that the company will present a gaming tablet. Here, the field of play is bigger, because in tablets we rarely see top-level processors. When presenting such equipment, Razer may not have competition in this field.

fot. Sony Ericsson

fot. Sony Ericsson

Unfortunately there are still games that, in terms of quality and graphics, are equivalent to console or PC novelties. And this could be the biggest problem of the Razer's mobile console.

When will Razer showcase its gaming hardware?

According to Razer, this may take place before the end of the year. This is great news for those who were planning on making a gift in the form of a portable game console. So far we do not know how much such a device would cost. However, I think it will not be cheap – just like Razer did. I am afraid, however, that even if such equipment goes to the market, it has little chance of rapid availability in Poland of official channels. What do you think of this approach to mobile gaming? Will upcoming Razer hardware have the chance to compete with the mentioned Nintendo Switch? Source: gizmochina