IPhone and Apple users may be in danger. Hackers attack and demand ransom.

The latest reports of hacker attacks on Apple devices appear on Twitter and other online portals. As reported by MacRumors, hackers are blocking Macs and iPhones remotely. This is done by using the "find my iPhone" feature in iCloud. Cybercriminals want ransom paid in bitcoins for unlocking devices. An unpleasant surprise was encountered by many users of equipment manufactured by the Cupertino giant. The lock screen with information about ransom in bitcoins has appeared on many Apple devices today. Is there anything to fear and how did it happen? I would not ignore the case – to start off as quickly as possible "find my iPhone". Simply put, enter your settings, enter your name, then enter your iCloud settings and turn off Find My iPhone. Then we should change the Apple ID, to further protect iCloud. It will also be advisable to have two-step authentication. So how did all the fuss? Most likely hacker attacks that have occurred in the past have revealed the email addresses and passwords of millions of users. The situation is so dangerous that even a two-step authentication does not seem to help, as attackers lock devices remotely from iCloud. It is said that Apple operating systems are the safest. I would continue with this claim, because the situation is much different from the hundreds of viruses that attack Android every day. Anyway, I would not ignore the case – especially if you do not quite know how many users are exposed to hacking attacks. Source: komputerswiat