Apple has confirmed that the Bluetooth and WiFi networks will not shut down completely for iOS 11 by tapping only icons in the Control Center. What is it really about?

In iOS 11 we have received a completely redesigned , bottom-left Control Center. We can also personalize them, but by default we will find switches in it. Responsible for including and disabling WiFi, Bluetooth or even airplane mode. There would be nothing out of the ordinary if it had not been confirmed by Apple. It turns out that shutting down Bluetooth and WiFi in the Control Center on iOS 11 does not at all mean that the radio transmitters are completely deactivated. The situation is on every device running on this system. Disabling these switches in the Control Center stops the existing connection to accessories and devices paired via WiFi and Bluetooth. Networks, however, remain active. Apple explains this solution to ensure better performance of services and devices including: AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Hotspot or Handoff. Total shutdown will only be possible after you go through Settings. If Bluetooth is turned off, iOS 11 will not connect to any accessories … unless one of the following conditions is met:

    • Bluetooth will be activated in the Control Center or in Settings,
    • local time will be 5:00,
    • The device will restart.

In the case of WiFi connectivity, the situation is similar to the difference that connecting to other devices will be possible also after the location of the device changes. I think such logic is totally thoughtless on Apple. The average user will not even be aware of this situation. This is not the case in the Control Center shortcuts to enter Settings to completely deactivate both networks. Apparently the concern is different. Source: MacRumors