Xiaomi presents a new sports armband, which was developed in collaboration with Huami. Is the Xiaomi Amazfit Band worthy of the very popular Xiaomi Mi Band 2 band?

Xiaomi has already collaborated with the Huami brand, resulting in the Xiaomi Amazfit smartwatch. It is not perhaps the most beautiful or stylish device available on the market but in the end it is just a sports model to be functional. It does not necessarily work well with a suit at a business meeting – but basically none of the smartbooks available on the market. However, it has one major advantage that is quite typical of Chinese models. Is cheap. And the same can be said about the new sports band.

Is Xiaomi Amazfit Band the best budget sports band?

Before we answer this question we should consider what should have a good band. I am not particularly demanding on this subject and therefore I believe that it should show the hour and the number of steps taken. For this you can not be afraid of water and stand on the battery for a few weeks. Of course, such a simple model on the market will not find, and the Xiaomi Amazfit Band has much more goodies. What? There is a bit: The Amazite Band will measure your pulse, count the steps and amount of calories burned and inform you about too long idle. Tell you what the weather will be for the next 7 days and will also display the full text of the notifications and messages you receive on your phone. The price is 299 yuan, so in Chinese stores the device will be able to break for about 200 gold. Is it worth it? I do not think so because I would spend that money on a normal watch, but you can have a different opinion.

Xiaomi Amazfit Band or Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

For me the answer is quite simple – the one that will be cheaper. None of these models encourage me to buy with my appearance or functionality, but maybe these devices are not just for me, but basically for the whole weareables industry. I think I already have enough electronics that I have to load.

fot. activeManiaK.pl, Rafał Jeleń

fot. activeManiaK.pl, Rafał Jeleń

But if he were to choose, then I would have opted for an older model. It has similar functions, is already a proven model and will serve for several years. In addition, I found it in the price comparison for about 130 zlotys – it's always 70 zlotys in your pocket. What do you think of the Amazfit Band? Repeats sales success of Xiaomi Mi Band 2?