The new device has been approved by the FCC, the US Federal Communications Commission. This means that the new BlackBerry model, named Krypton, will soon be available in store shelves. At least in the United States. What do we know about Chinese with Canadian roots?

BlackBerry smartphones are not particularly popular in Poland. It's hard to say why, because they offer very interesting high-end devices like KeyOne released a few months ago. I personally like it, because in addition to decent components and a great finish is equipped with a physical qwerty keyboard. It discourages the purchase of only the price, which today is from 2750 zł .

Krypton has been certified

As reported by the GSMArena portal, the new device has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG and the WI-FI Alliance. This means that it meets certain standards and can hit the market. We also have information about the basic parameters of the new BlackBerry. The Snapdragon 625 or 626 supports 4 GB of RAM for performance. Certainly it is enough to work smoothly, but there is nothing to count on for the first place in the benchmarks. The new phone will be IP67 certified and will be the first device from the "blackberry", which will not be afraid of water. But brand fans may be disappointed, because the new BlackBerry will be devoid of a physical keyboard. I think it is not easy to make a qwerty device that can be soaked with water. The image will be displayed in 1080×1920 Full DH. It does not impress, but it is not bad. For the energy will be quite a large battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. Below is the first graphic associated with the new device.


Who is Krypton for?

Well, who decides to buy a new device? The parameters are typical for mid-range smartphones that will certainly be a lot cheaper, because I do not believe the BlackBerry will be inexpensive. The target group was mainly businessmen who could afford expensive toys. On the other hand, the qwerty keyboard was dropped, which was a hallmark of the company for water resistance. Maybe it's a procedure to open up to a new client? It is predicted that Krypton will be a bit nebulous . If rumors about the parameters are confirmed, it will be a decent medium. And that's it. Without a QWERTY keyboard, you will look like hundreds. Maybe the producer will surprise us? At this moment I do not want to believe in the words of Francois Mahieu, Director of BlackBerry Mobile, who said that the new device will be so good that it will lead to the transfer of many users Iphone and Samsung. Oh, the premiere will most probably be in October. Source: gsmarena , phonearena , cellomania , crackberry