Android Oreo has been released as an update for all compatible Pixel and Nexus devices. However, it turns out that the software contains a serious flaw that may not be enough to frustrate, but even make it difficult to use the smartphone.

Android Oreo is a relatively new software from Google that was provided only to people using the Pixel and Nexus series smartphones. While Sony has also equipped its new Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact smartphones in Oreo, these models will probably be available in the near future. On the Google Forum , however, there is an interesting thread that deals with mobile transfer and internet connection that does not use Wi-Fi to operate. It appears that the latest update for some people blocked the possibility of using the mobile internet and data transfer . It's not even about reaching a specific operator-defined ceiling – there are also reports that the feature is completely out of order. In general, however, the problem for most people is when the data system built into the data counter assumes that we have exceeded the given threshold – despite the attempts and fun of the options, the connection can not be resumed. Unfortunately, but with all of this we received a confirmation from a Mountain View company that this is a direct software issue – the Android development team is already looking at the issue. For now, it's not known how much Google will take before the company releases the patch . I can only write that in my opinion this type of error is simply insincere and it has no right to appear in the software – especially if it is intended for smartphones. For more details you will have to wait – while it is worth to watch out for Android Oreo. As you can see, this system has a lot of problems despite previous, long tests.