August turned out to be a catastrophe for HTC – the company has experienced a huge drop in revenue. HTC U11 does not sell well. The report from Taiwan reports that HTC may sell the mobile department and will buy it … Google.

HTC has been in bad shape for several years now, but the manufacturer has failed to find a new path for himself. Unfortunately, the sales flop turned out not only last year's HTC 10, but also the latest HTC U11 – in my opinion one of the best smartphones on the market. True, the current flagship has improved the HTC situation for a few months, but its sales have just broken, showing the latest financial results. In August, HTC reported terrible results. Compared to the previous month, revenue fell 51.5% and 54.3% year-on-year. Do not be fooled – HTC will never come out with its own strength. Company authorities already know this already, so they decided to make the final decision. Taiwan Financial Times reports that HTC is in the process of selling its mobile division . It's worth pointing out that it's all about smartphones, and not the whole company that's supposed to be rocking the Vive goggles right now. The first willing to buy the HTC mobile is Google, and the talks are already supposedly finalized. It has not yet been determined whether Google will actually absorb the entire HTC smartphone business or whether it will only become a strategic partner for Taiwanese. Google itself is not quite resolute . True enough, this acquisition would allow the company to produce Pixel smartphones independently, but on the other hand, Mountain View still remembers the end of its recent attempt to enter the hardware market. It is worth remembering that so far we have no official confirmation that HTC can actually sell its mobile department in the near future. But if this happens and Google actually purchases it, then we will see a symbolic event – the creator of Android will become the owner of the company that created the first smartphone with this operating system. Source: HTC , Financial Times