Android 8.0 Oreo has recently debuted and is already hearing that the system is underdeveloped and has problems with the modules responsible for connecting to the Internet through WiFi or data transfer.

The first users of the eighth version of Android, called Oreo, are bringing unwanted information . Apparently the latest system is capable of consuming data transfer even when the device is connected to an active WiFi network. Problems will occur when the connection to the Internet is enabled at the same time via WiFi and data transfer. Fortunately, Google is aware of the existing error and is already working on its quick solution. For now, however, we do not know when you can expect an update to fix this error. An immediate solution is the ability to manually turn off data transfer when your smartphone is connected to a WiFi network. It seems to me that this is a serious mistake that users can expose to unnecessary costs. I understand if something like this was on board a test version of the system, but at the final release? Fortunately, many less advanced users are unaware that the new Android has ever come out, or even more so with its onboard smartphone. Not all devices support it. In this case, Android fragmentation works for Google , which must quickly resolve the problem. Source: Reddit