MediaTek is working on a P40 helio system for mid-range smartphones to be a competitor to Snapdragon 660. The new SoC Tavajans will be equipped with Cortex-A73 cores (supposedly two). The whole will be made in a 12nm process. Meizu is already standing in line.

MediaTek is having a hard time lately, mainly because of the sales flap of the flagship X30 helium processor. It is also noteworthy that there is a growing demand for mid-range chips, whose prices have to be lowered, because even cheaper … Qualcomma products. In addition, MediaTek is still technically out of the biggest rival, as unlike it, there is no processor for the so-called. superśrednaków which combine Cortex-A7x and low technological process. This is exactly what Snapdragon 660 and MediaTek have finally decided to make him a worthy contender. The report from China reports that MediaTek is working on the P40 helio . It will be a unit composed not only of the energy-efficient, auxiliary Cortex-A53 cores but also of the powerful Cortex-A73 units. We still do not know exactly how much they will be, because the sources are not compatible in this regard – say two or four A73 cores. The technological process and the P40 helium are covered by this process and will be produced in 12nm by TSMC. This may be a good competitor for Snapdragon 660, but so far we can not say that with 100% of the conviction, because we do not know everything about it yet. MediaTek has launched an offensive and distributes first samples are already sent to smartphone manufacturers to convince them to use a new layout in their products. The first willing is Meizu , who intends to use processors from all possible vendors. The Taiwanese are still talking with Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Gionee. Will MediaTek convince these manufacturers? For that, we will see after the New Year, because then the P40 helio will be available in wholesale quantities, and that is when it will be the first smartphones with this SoC on board. Source: MyDrivers , Weibo