Until recently, the only official representative of Xiaomi on the Polish market was ABC Data. So it is not and now for the sale of Xiaomi appliances in our country is also responsible for Ingram Micro Poland. This also applies to smartphones. What does this mean for customers? Will there be a price war?

Xiaomi officially entered the Polish market a year ago when ABC Data became the only official representative of this manufacturer in our country. Since then, the distributor has consistently expanded its store sales channel and is negotiating the introduction of Xiaomi smartphones for operators' offers. So far only managed with Play, but finalized talks with the next network. ABC Data is pleased with this collaboration, as customers have been warmly welcomed by the exotic Xiaomi devices, which in Central and Eastern Europe is fourth in sales. ABC Data has yet to accept the fact that it is no longer the only authorized Xiaomi distributor in Poland. What does this change mean for customers? Ingram Micro Poland is another official Xiaomi distributor in Poland . You can associate your company with Nokia smartphones and phones, because it is she who is responsible for their distribution in Poland. Ingram Micro Poland is authorized to sell the entire portfolio of Xioami, although so far it has mainly been offering smartphones, but the list of products will be extended in the coming months. ABC Data therefore lost its exclusivity. What does this change mean for customers? https://www.gsmmaniak.pl/734884/jaki-smartfon-2000/ So far it does not have to mean anything . It turns out that ABC Data shares with Ingram Micro Poland sales channels, so there should be no price war. ABC Data is also not afraid of falling margins, and the appearance of a new distributor is considered a "natural" treatment by Xiaomi's growing strength. It is worth pointing out, however, that those who know the industry are not entirely sure whether the distributors will actually be able to avoid competition, especially since Ingram Micro Poland is undergoing a minor reorganization and will not actually enter the game until the fourth quarter of this year. Meanwhile, unofficially, it is rumored that soon there will be a third distributor with official Xiaomi accreditation. It starts to do really interesting. Will the emergence of new salespeople mean that the price of Xiaomi products from the official distribution will fall ? We will learn this in the future, but if that happens, then I expect a significant increase in sales of the device from this manufacturer. Source: PB , own elaboration