It's only been a few months since Qualcomm presented Snapdragon 660. It turns out that his successor may already be on the way. We already know more about how much more powerful the American system will be.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is a relatively new processor that has just begun to appear on a wider scale in mid-range mobile devices. Interestingly, the American company is already working on its successor, the Snapdragon 670 . If these gossips actually confirm, then I personally think it is better to now pause for a few months with the purchase of a new smartphone and wait until Qualcomm officially releases its new, slightly improved chip. You can get a lot of this. At this moment it is not known much about this processor, but rumors mention that the Snapdragon 670 will be officially unveiled in the first quarter of next year and will use 10-nanometer process technology from Samsung Samsung LPE. The system itself is to be equipped with ARM DynamIQ technology and Kryo cores. Two of them are designed to work very fast, while the other six will work somewhat slower, saving energy. Users are expected to notice 25% more power compared to their predecessor. If these rumors are actually true then it is probably better to postpone the purchase of a new smartphone for later. The Snapdragon 660 is a good processor, but its next generation is just around the corner. Probably in the 670 system will also find other solutions, which will be a major improvement over the previous unit. Source: Weibo