Google has apparently envied Apple and has itself developed tools for developers to make Android smartphones take advantage of the potential of expanded reality.

Google has been seriously interested in the virtual reality a few years ago. Then the Project Tango was created. The idea has been developed for a long time, but eventually it has not gained much use in reality. The main problems were limited compatibility or the need for advanced sensors that should analyze the geometry of the environment. At the June WWDC 2017 conference, Apple presented its own set of tools, or rather, the entire ARKit platform for extended reality . The developers' first impressions showed that this is a far better solution than the Project Tango. So Google is probably envied by Cupertino and has created its own solution for expanded reality, ARCore. ARCore is a set of development tools. For action, they will use markers placed at the ends of the objects, while the mapping of the changes will correspond to the standard gyroscope and smartphone camera. The time of day and the lighting incident on the object is also to be taken into consideration. ARCore Preview is now available to interested parties . However, only smartphones Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 are supported. Google wants to be successful in this area and is already counting on the presence of its new project on various smartphones from Samsung, LG, Huawei and Asus. The target is to be as many as 100 million devices. Source: Google