Pixel Launcher is an overlay available exclusively for Google smartphones. If you want to install it on your phone, download the APK file. Make sure you check out the Pixel Launcher overlay.

Do you like the Pixel Launcher overlay , but do not you want to buy Google Pixel? Well, that's what I am. In the Play Store, the official launcher is available only for Google flags, but XDA wizards have found it that way. I have downloaded the overlay (please download the APK from source). The installation ran smoothly.

Pixel Launcher/ fot gsmManiaK.pl

Pixel Launcher/ fot. gsmManiaK.pl

What brings overlay 2.1? The most important ones are listed below:
  • Notification dots, feature from Android Oreo
  • The notification beep gesture works across the screen
  • Pull out the drawer with applications also
  • Application search from drawer level

In my opinion, this launcher is the best experience to date if you use Google services such as Contacts , News , or Gboard Keyboard . So far, I've been using Google Now Launcher , but after trying Pixel I will not be back. On my private Lenovo K6 Power overlay works smoothly and seamlessly. So if you want to have a smartphone Google Pixel in your pocket, then in Poland the main opportunity is for you to download the source linked in the overlay. Because Pixels were not, they are not and will not be available in our official sales channels. It will not change much with the launch of Google Pixel 2. For me, I can fully recommend this solution. It is aesthetic and stable. Appearance of pure Android version for everyone. I have no doubt – this is the prettiest overlay I've used so far. Of course, the fluidity of the action will be the abyss, but if you interfere with it, then all I can do is buy the original Pixel. Source: androidpolice , APK file