BlackBerry has come up with an interesting idea that can anyway go wrong. Canadian producer will want to … create their own version of Android.

BlackBerry has only recently decided that it is worth creating Android devices and base them on their own design – the KeyONE model sells well, but only in select markets. However, it turns out that this producer has a completely new idea on how to come up with. BlackBerry wants to create its own version of Android, which can also be used by independent, willing manufacturers. At this moment it is unknown who the manufacturers would be interested in acquiring software from the BlackBerry, but the company wants to fully develop its own solutions. Such decisions would lead to the creation of an Android-based BlackBerry Secure OS . On the one hand it really makes sense: a secure, refined and stable version of Android for the willing. Why not? But looking realistically, practically every manufacturer has its own overlay, and I do not know who would be tempted to do this … I think at this moment BlackBerry Secure OS can only be an interesting alternative for niche manufacturers who do not. They want to spend money to develop their own system. I would also like to see Chinese brands that adopt this system in their equipment. More about BlackBerry's moves in the Android arena will probably be announced shortly. Do you think this kind of decision is a good idea for Canadians? Source: India Times