On the JerryRigEverything channel came video with Nokia 3. What is the cheapest Nokia device with extreme treatment?

Nokia is synonymous with reliability, no one needs to be persuaded. This legend strives to sustain HMD Global, attaching great importance to the strength of its smartphones. This is what this feature looks for on your YouTube channel known to us JerryRigEverything. How did his tests beat the cheapest Nokia 3? YouTube Preview Image In the film, we see that the screen of the device surrendered only by the sixth on the Mohs scale. This is a good result for glass, and here the hardware has nothing to be ashamed of. The glass covering the camera lens and of course the backpack was worse, but after polycarbonate you can not expect more. The display also dealt well with temperature resistance. The phone has done well in the flex test, only slightly deformed. In conclusion, the Nokia 3 is a fault tolerant smartphone. Unfortunately in our test of Nokia 3 unfortunately clearly visible other defects of this device. The phone is working slowly and at this price you can find much better equipment, but the fact that the manufacturer takes care of the quality of the work well bodes well for the future. Source: YouTube