The gossip and speculation about Android's name has come to an end. On the day of the total solar eclipse, Google officially announced the full name of the latest green robot. Welcome to Android 8.0 Oreo!

The names of the next edition of Android refer to all sorts of sweetness, and for Android N is also so. Among the thousands of different names won one – we welcome Androidandroid-oreo-28.0 Oreo ! This year the most anticipated name has turned out to be a fact. The system is expected to be available today through the Google Android Open Source Project. OTA updates for the affected Pixel and Nexus devices will appear soon. All indications are that the update will not get the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. In a separate entry we have collected for you a list of models that should get Android Oreo. How do you like the name of the latest Android display? Android O – list of major news and changes:

  • Limitations for background applications – Better management of background applications that are now better controlled and throttled when resources are overloaded: the goal is to extend battery life,
  • Treble – an attempt to speed up system upgrades by reducing the steps needed to implement a new version of the system by individual manufacturers,
  • New notification system – Notification channels will help you to segregate the prompts in several categories to be able to manage them efficiently,
  • Introducing picture-in-picture support (picture-in-picture),
  • The ability to autocomplete half of the selected plugins with the new API,
  • Adaptive icons for all devices,
  • Support for high quality Bluetooth codecs (aptX),
  • New development tools for developers,
  • Keyboard navigation (Chromebook),
  • Wi-Fi Aware – communication between programs and devices without having to make a direct connection between them,
  • AAudio API for Pro Audio – native API for programs requiring high quality and low latency audio,
  • For more information, you'll find on Google .