The latest version of Apple introduces a tiny, hidden novelty that can come in handy in some situations. By users in the United States, this feature has been called a "police button."

Users using iOS 11 on their smartphones have discovered that Apple has added to the new software an interesting feature that is associated with the Touch ID biometric security. The new setting has been named as the "police button" because it allows you to quickly lock the Touch ID as the authorization method needed to unlock the screen. If you press the Home button quickly and five times, then the iPhone will quit the scanner and ask for a password. Previously, if you would like to opt out of Touch ID, you would have to do a bit more: you had to restart your iPhone and wait for the device to prompt you for a password – you could simply disable this option from Settings. But all this goes on. The new feature, the "police button," is designed to keep Touch ID off almost anywhere. The button itself may not be used very often in our country , but US users enjoy it. It is worth recalling that local law enforcement agencies often force users to have their devices hooked up using the Touch ID – hence the author's name for the feature itself. The "police button" will not be an option you'll use every day, but it's good to know that iOS 11 will make it easier to turn off the popular authentication method. Especially when you feel that it can be used against you. Source: Twitter