Sports Interactive has officially announced when we can expect the launch of the latest launch of the iconic football manager Football Manager 2018 Mobile. You will not have to wait long!

For several years, the Football Manager for mobile devices has been getting better and better – and I can not help but admire the great port of this production that works on smartphones and tablets. However, the premiere version of the game for 2018, however, is approaching great steps. Studio Sports Interactive announced that we will have to wait until the beginning of November. By the 10th of the month, Football Manager Mobile 2018 will land on iOS and Android. YouTube Preview Image At this moment, too much is known about the changes themselves and the differences with the previous version. Once again, however, we will have to deal with a hybrid , which will be the port of the computer version, however slightly cut. It would be difficult to move the whole world of the game so that it runs smoothly on mobile devices. Unfortunately we have not met the price yet to pay for Football Manager 2018 Mobile. Looking at the versions from previous years, however, I suspect that the amount will fluctuate within about 50 or 60 zlotys. There is nothing else but waiting for the premiere. In my opinion, this production simply is not equal to the realistic simulators of sports games. Are you waiting for? YouTube Preview Image Source: SI