The FCC documentation found screenshots from the Google Pixel 2 device, so we know it will work under Android 8.0.1. This is not the end of the information about this year's Pixel.

The expected date of launch of this year's Pixel smartphones from Google is coming up with great strides, as evidenced by the ever-increasing leaks on these devices. This time, the FCC found in the database screenshots from Google model Pixel 2. What they say about this smartphone information shown on the screens? [Gallery columns = 2 ids = "735840,735842"] Google Pixel 2 will work under Android 8.0.1 . It is interesting because the old bets of Android O are still signed with the number 8.0. For this moment, the phone has August security fixes, but they will be updated on a regular basis by Google. For the performance of Pixel 2 is equivalent to Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 . The phone will be available in at least one variant, with 64GB of internal memory. For a user, there will be at least 50.66 GB of storage. The last important information for us is the presence of Active Edge gestures, a modified version of Edge Sense from HTC U11. In the remaining documentation you can find a reference to HTC, so it is that company is behind the production of this year's flagship flagship Pixel. Model Pixel 2 XL will be created by LG. Source: FCC via Reddit