Industry sources have reported that MediaTek will be forced to lower its price of the P23 helium processor. All because the Snapdragon 450, or equivalent of MediaTek's layout in the Qualcomm portfolio, is to be … cheaper. This is an unexpected situation.

MediaTek has not recently had an easy life, mainly because of the little interest in the flagship X30 helm. This is not the end of the troubles of the Taiwanese, because their position in the middle shelf seriously threatens Qualcomm. Once MediaTek's argument was a price, but now the situation has changed 180 degrees. The source service reports that MediaTek will most likely reduce the price of the P23 helio that will be available in two versions in the fourth quarter of this year. Initially the manufacturer wanted to sell it for $ 15 per item, then the price was reduced to $ 11-12 . The deal was meant to help the company secure orders for the chip, but Qualcomm thwarted the price, which set the price of the similar Snapdragon 450 at just $ 10.5 apiece . To understand how it is possible at all that Qualcomma may be cheaper than MediaTek, it is necessary to look at the agreements between these companies and the chip makers that are Samsung and TSMC, respectively. While Koreans want Qualcomma $ 2500 for a 14-nanometer Snapdragon 450 silicon wafer, Taiwanese want MediaTek $ 3500 for a 16-nanometer P23 helicopter. Http:// In this situation, MediaTek may have a problem in reaching a sales target of 5-6 million helium P23 deliveries each month from the time of entry into the sale. What is to happen in the next quarter. The price reduction seems to be necessary in this situation, but then the company will earn less. Something I can see that over the MediaTek really gather black clouds . Even if you are not a fan of the processors of this company, it is better to cheer her up somehow, because every competition is good for consumers. Source: Digitimes