If you like addictive games with ideas, then I have good news for you: great production Framed has continued its success. Android device launch is scheduled for next week!

Framed is a game that definitely deserves attention as it stands out from the original idea behind other productions. In this case, players will be moved to a world based on comic squares . By properly maneuvering and managing the action, we can change the events that will take place on subsequent pages of the story. See the review myself Framed, because Amadeus had the opportunity to cover this title several good months ago. YouTube Preview Image Framed 2 , the continuation of the game mentioned above, works exactly the same way. Again, we will be dealing with a simple drag and drop technique that will allow players to change scenes and progress throughout history. Do not look into the net, however, if you do not want to spoil the experience of the game. The second part of Framed was released a few weeks ago for iOS devices, and Android will not be available until next week. For this title you will have to pay about 4.99 dollars – I think the price in zloty will close at around 20 zlotys. By using from this link you may pre-register to the Framed 2 queue. You will receive a notification for your smartphone when the game is made available in the Play Store. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the wait!