EScan has published an interesting report that the MIUI overlay from Xiaomi has several important security issues. In extreme cases, data loss may even occur.

EScan has decided to create a report related to software security from Xiaomi – specifically, it is about the MIUI overlay used to modify the Android base. It turns out that according to eScan, Xiaomi's software has several significant vulnerabilities that could allow hackers and tech-savvy people to take over a large amount of data from our smartphone. All this, however, only when the device will be unlocked. The most important issue, however, is related to the Mi Mover application , which allows you to transfer applications and MIUI data to a new or older smartphone running Android 4.2 or higher. Of course, the application itself is password protected, but when sending data to another smartphone with MIUI, the program does not ask for authorization. The eScan researchers also found a few other vulnerabilities that are listed in the report here . Interestingly, Xiaomi immediately decided to react while warning users of leaving their smartphone unprotected with a password, PIN, or fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, the Chinese did not say if the problems and gaps found in the eScan report were eliminated with MIUI 9. Theoretically, there is nothing to fear , because the loss of data in this case would only be a result of really bad luck or specifically directed in our action. Remember, however, that your device is properly protected.