Recently there are a lot of new features in the YouTube app. Now, the service will feature a chat feature that allows you to share videos and discussions from within the app.

Has anyone ever felt the need to have a video chat application? I do not, but maybe there are some people for whom it is too long to copy the link and send it to Messenger. For them, Google has just tested the chat option , which will soon be available from the app. YouTube Preview Image What can we expect? From the list we can choose the people we would like to share with the movie you just watched and add a text commentary to it. We can choose up to 30 recipients , who can react to our suggestion using emoticons or just text. The new "Share" tab will allow you to keep track of these conversations. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I appreciate applications that are lightweight and not loaded with additional content. I therefore resigned from the full version of Facebook Messenger for Messenger Lite . I sincerely recommend this change. Messenger's crazy function is to send a text message, a picture or a link in a slimmed down version. Do we really need something more in the communicator? It seems to me that communication based on pictograms has gone out of fashion some time ago, but it seems that fashion as fashion goes round. Even if its radius is several thousand years old. I hope that the new option in the YouTube app will not be too aggressive and you will be able to get over it on the agenda, because sometimes it means less . In my opinion, this especially applies to mobile versions of the application. What do you think about YouTube news from Google? Does the function seem useful, or do you think it's superfluous and will adversely affect the experience of using the app? Source: FoneArena