To the list of application developers who have abandoned support for mobile Windows, Play will soon join. The purple operator announced that Play24 for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile would be disabled.

Windows Mobile is currently balancing on the brink of extinction, with some of the sales statistics already qualified as different , not a separate system, competing for Android and iOS. They see not only users, but also application developers who either do not make Windows Phone / Windows Mobile counterparts, or abandon support for these platforms. I'll tell you more – even Microsoft is more concerned about Android and iOS than about its own system. To the constantly growing list of developers and institutions who have removed the mobile Windows, Play will soon be joining. The source service has received confirmation that Play intends to disable the Play24 application on mobile Windows . I emphasize that we are talking about its total exclusion, not the end of support. What matters is not only about Windows Phone but also about Windows Mobile. While in this first case, Play is simply following the manufacturer who has abandoned the older version of his system, so abandoning the application on a platform still supported by Microsoft gives you a thought. If you are a Play or Red Bull MOBILE customer, you use a smartphone with a Windows Mobile and still want to use Play24, you have two choices: either use a browser version or change the system . Source: good programs