On Sunday there was an accident on the road in Zarajec. On the spot was Mr. Slawek, who notified the appropriate service, and then handed over his phone to another man. His task was to illuminate the interior of the broken car, but after a while the man disappeared, and with him the phone.

On Sunday evening, Mr Sławek witnessed a major traffic accident on National Road 19 in Zarajiec. The man phoned the ambulance and the dispatcher asked him to make it easier for the ambulance. As a result, he passed his phone to one of the patrons to light the inside of a car with three stuck-up people. What happened afterwards passes all the concept. Mr. Sławek finished his job, facilitating the carriage journey. When he returned to the place where he left the stranger with his cellphone , he found that he was not there anymore, just like the phone . The injured described the entire story on his Facebook and made an appeal to a (potential) thief in which he did not blame his bad will and insisted that he primarily focused on souvenir in the form of photos with family and friends rather than the device himself. It is unknown what really happened to the man who disappeared with the phone. However, I hope to find him to answer his deeds. This may not happen, because the victim does not want to report the matter to the police and asks only for his post . Source: Eastern Journal