We got to know the release date of Oppo R11 Barcelona Edition. Smartphone will offer more than its original version.

Oppo ranks second in the ranking of the best selling devices in China. Only Huawei, whose position seems to be unstoppable, descends. In addition, the way to get new users can be Apple's last troubles. Geekbench has recently announced the Oppo R11 specification. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that Oppo R11 had already debuted and we can now buy it. As we can guess the new R11 in Geekbench was not a mistake – it is most likely Barcelona Edition, which was equipped with a better processor.

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The poster that appeared on Weibo reveals that the Oppo R11 Barcelona Edition will debut on August 8th. The manufacturer has ambitious plans to conquer the market, because special edition is supposed to be the most fashionable device of these holidays. Smartfon will go on sale in two colors, referring to the traditional colors of the Catalan club – blue and red. Interestingly, in contrast to its predecessor, it will be equipped with a much better processor. The heart of the device is to be Snapdragon 835 aided by 6 GB of RAM, and the whole work is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. At this point little is known about the new device, but the media hype accompanying Barcelona in recent days due to Neymar 's record transfer may help Oppo gain additional popularity. I am waiting for more reports from China, especially when they concern the best selling devices. The Chinese market has long since ceased to be associated with low-end devices, and today it regularly battles top brands offering competitive prices at attractive prices. Source: theandroidsoul