It turns out that with the last day of July Orange has increased the data packets in the selected services for customers using the offer for the card. Attractive changes are also noticeable when moving numbers to Orange.

Changes primarily appeared in the service Unlimited calls and text messages to all. Also increased the number of gigabytes to use. In the case of activation of the service for a week (12 zł) we now get 15 GB to use, whereas before it was only 2 GB. The same service purchased per month (31 days or cyclically) depending on the length of the client's placement will be equivalent to receiving:

  • 15 GB – customer under year,
  • 17 GB – customer up to 3 years,
  • 20 GB – customer over 3 years old.

No change left the EU roaming transfer limit (0.61 GB for 7 days and 1.76 GB per month). Changes have also occurred in the case of people who will move their number to Orange. If such people turn on the service for 7 days then they will also get 15 GB instead of the previous 2 GB, paying at £ 10. In the case of a monthly service (31 days), 8 GB of data was previously available, and now it will be 35 GB for which the person will pay 28 zlotys. Boldly say that raising the limits is an interesting move from Orange. After deduction, a person moving to Orange can earn 50GB per take, which will grow by 1GB monthly. In addition, talk about unlimited text messages and minutes to all networks and to landline. Source: Orange 1 , 2