There was an important change in Play. The purple operator has decided to change its main roaming partner by moving from T-Mobile to Orange. What does this mean for customers?

Most of you probably know that Play uses not only its own range, but also Orange, T-Mobile and Plus. Thanks to this, the violet operator can calmly build up his relays, gathering strength to fight the so-called. Big Three. Play has been successful and is currently ranked second in Poland in terms of number of clients. Today P4 has its big day, because it entered the Warsaw Stock Exchange and also changed its main roaming partner . Until now, T-Mobile was Playa's main partner, but this month Orange will become Orange . The annex to the existing agreement assumes that this cooperation will last until June 2021, that Violet will pay Orange 321 million zlotys, and that specific packages of services will be settled, not individual minutes or gigabytes. Of course, for the use of domestic roaming the final customer will not be charged any additional fees, at least officially. Wojciech Jabłoński assures that his network is ready to take over Play customers from T-Mobile, because Orange's infrastructure is so advanced that they should not notice any change in the minus. It is not known whether this change will restore the old speed of national roaming internet, but honestly I would not count on it. Source: Orange