The US company in 2017 is fully dependent on its biggest competitor in the mobile market – Samsung. But Apple has an idea of ​​how to become an even more independent brand in the future.

2017 is really hard for Apple. The company is currently struggling with a number of issues related to the latest iPhone 8. Cupertino is working hard to ensure that the built-in fingerprint scanner under the smartphone screen works properly, without much trouble. Another concern for Tim Cook and the company is the OLED screens , which will require a huge amount of effort so that customers after the launch of a new smartphone with an apple logo need not have to wait too long for their copy. It turns out that Apple in terms of displays is determined to the extent that it wants to completely free itself of contracts with its competitors. The latest report reveals that Apple has purchased a technology that will allow it to create a production line capable of producing OLED displays for future American devices. The main reason for this decision is the desire to be completely free from Samsung. Interestingly, Apple will be responsible for the Canon Tokki brand – exactly the same manufacturer, with which the contract also holds a Korean giant.

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This is not the end: from Canon Tokki OLED screening equipment bought also … LG . So we are dealing with a funny situation: three giants do not want to be dependent on each other in any way seeking to produce components only for their smartphones. Making Apple's OLED screens is another step for Tim Cook not to have to worry about missing components. The American giant is also working on its own processor with an entirely new graphics chip. More on this subject we will probably know in the coming weeks. Source: Digitimes