Until recently, everyone thought that it was impossible to think of anything new in terms of mobile subscriptions. And just then Virgin Mobile presented its offer …

Revolutionary offer for users

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, has always liked to shock and amaze. It was still in the eighties when he beat the record of the world's fastest transatlantic crossing, or in the nineties, when it broke the world record in the longest balloon flight and the fastest speed of the locomotive. Surprising (of course, positive) facts from Branson's life could be exchanged indefinitely, and now users and competitors have shocked his Virgin Mobile brand. In January, the company introduced an innovative and unprecedented subscription offer, which made each customer a true wizard of his own offering. The rule is very simple – you compose a set of services you will use and pay for each month. In addition, you can change your service at no charge every month. This is called true flexibility. It would seem that such a bid must require a commitment of at least 24 months. Nothing more wrong! The contract with Virgin Mobile is signed for an indefinite period and the term of the contract is only 30 days . This means that at any moment you can give up the service you provide – even if that's not the case. Clear rules and innovative user packages have put a new quality on the mobile services market.

Nasty cheap subscription

fot. materiały prasowe

fot. materiały prasowe

When it seemed that Virgin Mobile had climbed to the top of its capabilities and could no longer surprise anyone, they all suffered another shock. It turned out that in domestic real estate, you can offer subscribers unlimited cellphone calls, SMS and Internet package for just £ 19! It's less than the cost of a single movie ticket. So far nobody has expected such an attractive offer. For some time, mobile operators' subscription offers started from about $ 40 to $ 50 per month, when signed for 12 or 24 months, sometimes even 36 months. Until then, Virgin Mobile has totally outcompeted the competition by offering customers a lower price than anyone and ever before. But still not all. Depending on your needs, you can choose a package for PLN 29 and PLN 39, for which you will have up to 15 GB of Internet access , unlimited calls to mobile and fixed lines, and unlimited unlimited SMS and MMS. Virgin Mobile is like Richard Branson – still surprises and fully understands human needs. That is why he can answer them exactly and prepare a tailor made offer – flexible, competitive and easy to buy! Source: material was created in cooperation with Virgin Mobile