There are likely to be prices for the new Moto Mods that will be available in Europe over the next few days. By converting the amount into a buck I have to admit that it is really affordable.

One of Reddita's users has posted an interesting screenshot showing how much they will have to pay for the new Moto Mods for Motorola's smartphones. Unfortunately, there are two problems: Firstly, it is worth to take this leak with a grain of salt, and secondly, it is not known whether prices for the German market will be reflected in other European countries.

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Among the new features are four Moto Mods. The first one, the Moto Style Shell, which adds wireless Qi and PMA charging has been priced at 49 euros . The Powerbank Moto TurboPowerPack with an additional 3500mAh battery has been priced in at 69 euros . Those of you who often play on the smartphone will surely enjoy the Moto Gamepad – dedicated controller was priced at 89 euros . So far, the most expensive addition will be the JBL SoundBoost 2 speaker – for this gadget you will have to pay 99 euros . Unfortunately, we did not know the exact date of the release of the mentioned Moto Mods in stores. I suspect, however, that the matter is breaking up for a matter of weeks. I can not wait to see these add-ons in Poland and how much we will pay for them.

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Motorola this time showed that each new Moto Mods is worth attention. Fortunately, there is no place for unnecessary accessories "pushers".

fot. Reddit

fot. Reddit

Source: Reddit