Google updated its great note-taking program. The app finally got the opportunity I had been waiting for a few good years.

Google Keep is probably best known to anyone who needs to make a quick list, or simply write something down – with less developed programs for saving thoughts, there is simply no alternative to this program. The American company has updated Keep and has introduced a function that seems insignificant, but it really does matter. Google Notepad, along with the new update, has received two buttons that will allow users to undelete and restore recorded content : yes I know it's very banal, but incredibly useful. Many times during the quotation I deleted something that I wanted to restore later and … unfortunately I was not able to recover it. The new feature in Keep works very simply and relies on a single click. The application has to keep the whole story from the beginning of the note editing – the problem is only one. If you exit the session and finish editing, the entire history of the changes you make goes to the trash. It is worth remembering and editing the most important things on the fly. Maybe my enthusiasm for such a banal option is too big, but it will significantly improve my work on the smartphone. Updated version Keep download from Play Store .