A new game related to the AMC series is coming soon to Android. The creators decided to release a trailer and betray a little about the game itself – good production is getting ready!

The Walking Dead series has been very successful over the years, and probably with the March To War version, it will be exactly the same. This time we are dealing with a strictly strategic game that focuses on rescuing survivors of catastrophe . Users will be able to recruit team members and manage the people they find along the way. The story itself is set (according to the authors) before the 20th volume of the comic strip The Walking Dead. YouTube Preview Image What is the difference between March of War and other games? And no interesting way to approach the game itself: in this case we will train individuals, not the whole group of people. Each of the heroes will have their own name and individual skills that we will be able to improve in order to navigate through the game world. In addition, The Walking Dead: March of War has a PvP mode that will allow attackers to attack other players while protecting their base – this element should effectively melt the game and make it not become too boring. At this moment we did not know the exact release date of this title – for more details you will have to wait. However, it is worth to be patient. Source: DisruptorBeam