Capcom once again comes up for a renaissance of its cult status. This time, the App Store has Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition. From now on you will also be able to fight on mobile devices!

Capcom has struggled with the Street Fighter series for mobile devices over the past few years – but it seems that the developers finally solved most of them, because the App Store has just hit the fourth edition of the game called Champion Edition. YouTube Preview Image In this production you will find 25 warriors that you can choose to fight according to your tastes. Street Fighter IV also received refreshed HD graphics and control optimizations – you can connect a wireless controller to your iPad or iPhone to compete with friends or simply in multiplayer mode. This is definitely the best solution that could wait for a game in this series. Looking at Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, I can not help but feel that this is simply a move from desktop to mobile. Graphics may not knock your knees, but SF games were never meant to be visual. The game was priced at less than 5 euros – you can download it from here . Before you pay, make sure you have a compatible device. Capcom reports that the game will only work on iOS devices with a minimum of 10.0.