Samsung is working on an interesting feature that will reach the smartphones of the lowest and medium price shelves. This capability is expected to translate into smoother operation and reduce the frustration of users.

Samsung is currently working on features that will optimize and manage memory on smartphones from the lowest and mid-price smartphones. These products do not always boast of a huge amount of available space and most of the user data remains just over 10 gigabytes of free space. The source says that the new features include a special cleaning tool that will remove unwanted multimedia while archiving them in the Samsung cloud. Koreans hope that by providing users with a variety of solutions, they will be able to better protect their smartphone and worry less about the location. This also applies to performance and optimization of background processes. At this moment, it is unknown whether the new feature will also reach Samsung flagship equipment or will only remain dedicated to the weaker and cheaper hardware. The first thing that comes to my mind is the author's alternative to CleanMaster and this type of application. It would be nice to see a really functional tool in not necessarily powerful devices. Source: SamMobile