She took part in commercials, she participated in the planning of marketing. In a sense was the "face" BlackBerry 10, but I do not know whether or not there this strain formulation. Thorsten Heins However, the CEO of BlackBerry, Alicia Keys is presented as a new global creative director.

Thorsten Heins and Alicia Keys / Photo by Engadget

Unknown is a famous singer responsibilities. Engadget mentions the development of applications, but the editors do not stand guarantee for the information one hundred percent. It is known that the Keys will work with developers. It is not known to what extent. This is not the first case of employment recognized artists at a high corporate position. A similar procedure was used in his time, Polaroid, offering a similar position Lady Gaga. In promoting the BlackBerry 10 will also help to Neil Gaiman and Robert Rodriguez. Source: Engadget