Bethesda is finally about to move its famous Android game. The Elder Scrolls: Legends will debut this month and finally we know what we can expect from this mobile production!

Unfortunately, there is little disappointment at the beginning, because this time we will not have to deal with a classic RPG game, just a card, which can be an alternative to the proposals of other creators. Do not worry, however, in the Elder Scrolls: Legends, and so you will find whole decks of entertainment. YouTube Preview Image The Elder Scrolls: Legends is to be nothing but a card that will offer the player several modes of play to choose from . In the feature mode, developers have prepared the ability to build a deck of cards from scratch and to measure with computer rivals – this option is the most developed and is to pull a long time. What I'm more interested in is the multiplayer mode, which will allow players to play against other players around the world – all of this, of course, with their own individual deck. To quickly get bored, the creators decided to give players a special system that allows them to increase their waistline and develop heroes' abilities on individual cards. At first glance, the Elder Scrolls: Legends is a bit like Heartstone, but the gameplay will be completely different. There is a really interesting offer from Bethesda for Android, which will make your holiday easier. The exact date of the release of the title has not been provided, but you can sign up for here to receive a notification when your game appears in the Play Store.