The American company has announced that it is currently working on a solution that will significantly improve the comfort of using the Allo communicator. This is one of the things that can more effectively encourage users to switch to Google.

The Google communicator was officially unveiled at the Google I / O conference in 2016 . A while later, after his official premiere, I also wrote a small review for you and my first impressions of using the Allo messenger. It's just another truncated clone of other commercially available applications. Mountain View Company is aware of this and wants to make the final attempt to save the application – it's supposed to be a version of a personal computer messenger that will also work in the browser. YouTube Preview Image Unfortunately, compared to the competition, Google Allo falls out pale . Even if it does not have its own independent version, which allows you to chat with friends or family directly through Windows or MacOS, as well as a web browser. Not every one wants to reach for the phone to check the new message, right? Product Director at Google, Amit Fulay, said that this type of solution and its implementation can be expected in the "coming weeks". Personally, I am surprised that Fulay has not given the official release date, because according to official data, Google is working on a new version of Allo messenger for several months – something long as a company with such capabilities. Is the version of computers and browsers able to make more people using Google Allo? Probably yes – the problem is that after installation of the application, at least I did not find anything new in terms of competition. And this is something Google should work on. Source: Google