According to new data, Microsoft wants to once again try its hand in the mobile market. We also know how the American company would like to do so.

Microsoft is a brand that can be identified with the mobile market, but over the last few years we have seen more failures and incomprehensible decisions than the real success of the manufacturer. New rumor is that the Redmond giant would like to once again try and surprise us with a Windows Mobile 10 smartphone and features directly related to virtual and expanded reality. Brad Sams, who observes and analyzes Microsoft's progress, has reported that a new device and software based on the Cshell shell is actually being developed on the campus of the company – allowing it to unify all systems and integrate with Windows 10 . The best, according to Sams, is to be in advanced stage. Another important piece of information is that the hardware is not developed in the team responsible for Surface products . On the other hand, the smartphone itself belongs to the premium shelf and is expensive during the premiere – that's the only data we got at that moment. So one can confidently conclude that the US company is once again trying to get back on track and want to "reset" its mobile market strategy and … start practically all over again. For all these rumors I see, however, with a considerable dose of skepticism. Since Microsoft has so far failed and at times was even funny looking at the incomprehensible decisions of this company in total … why would it be otherwise? On the other hand, I would actually like to be mistaken in my judgment. Source: Softpedia