KGI Securities and the popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo provide interesting insights into the technology presented a few days ago by Qualcomma. It turns out that this year we will not necessarily see more smartphones with the new fingerprint reader.

A few days ago, Qualcomm unveiled its revolutionary new Sense ID fingerprint reader, which can be placed directly on the smartphone screen by manufacturers. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Analytics reports, however, that the US company is struggling with a problem that is not ready to ship the solution. According to analyst, Qualcomm can deliver first units to manufacturers only … in the summer of next year! YouTube Preview Image Qualcomm has to improve two things: the first one is of course the accuracy of fingerprint scanning , but the second one is the most important. In this case it's about the speed of the solution itself – no one wants to wait a few seconds before the smartphone is unlocked. Another problem is also the fact of the direct implementation of the new scanner by the manufacturers. For operation, the sensor itself requires thinner glass and a flexible OLED panel – these are not currently mass produced by Qualcomm partners. Although the first manufacturer to introduce a new scanner in its smartphone was the Chinese Vivo – the rest is neither visible nor good: at least for the moment. You really do not know when exactly we will see a surge of devices capable of boasting a fingerprint scanner built into the casing on the front or back panel. Personally, I think we will have to wait until the second half of next year. Well, unless the Americans find a new way to speed up the development of their technology. Source: 9to5mac