IDC has published the latest report on the Polish smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017. At the time, we bought over 2 million smartphones, and nearly 60% of them did not cost more than 850 zlotys. Which brands and systems were Poles in this period?

Once in a while, IDC publishes statistics on the Polish smartphone market. The latest is about the first quarter of 2017. What smartphones were we buying during this period? Almost 60% of smartphones sold the first three months of this year are cheap devices, for which we paid from 350 to 850 gold . As you can see we are phone fans that do not cost too much, and in addition are reasonably large, because 80% of them are equipment with a screen greater than 5 inches. We also like Android , which currently boasts 89%. The second is iOS, which takes away the rest of the Polish market. This means that mobile Windows has now become a statistical error. Sad but unavoidable, because Microsoft has already forgotten the mobile market, leaving it to partners who are not very concerned about the country on the Vistula River. As for the individual brands, Samsung is the leader , accounting for 30% of sales and profits. It is difficult to decide who is in second place, because Huawei sells more smartphones in our country than Apple, but Americans are the ones earning more. Polish brands must satisfy 3% of the revenue, which is really a poor result. During the first quarter of this year Poles bought 2 million smartphones , which represents a 10% increase over the same period last year. IDC forecasts say that in 2017 we will acquire 8.5 million phones , 90% of which will offer LTE connectivity. Source: IDC