On holiday, Play has prepared cool bonuses for users to play cards (Play, RedBull Energy and Play Internet). There are free gigabytes, a week without limits and Tidal until the end of the year for free.

Holiday is the perfect time for promotions, organized by operators. As far as Play is concerned, the purple operator has already made SpinGiggs, but in this case, first buy ice cream to get 1GB of data to use. The promotions described below are already free and apply to card services, and their activation will be available today. [Gallery columns = "2" ids = "716444,716446"] The first Play bonus is a free data pack for card services. Its size is 3GB for each holiday month (July, August, September), which gives a total of 9GB, and the packages add up. Unfortunately, if you join in the fun in August, you will get 6GB, and if you wait until September, it's only 3GB. Remember that packages will not be used in roaming. You only need to activate once using the * 111 * 870 * 1 # code or use Play24. The second bonus is a gift for users of the Play Internet offer on the card, who can get a free weekly gigabyte free of charge . [Gallery columns = "2" ids = "716448,716450"] Of course there is a funnel funnel that can be activated after using 30GB of data, but donated horse … To use the bonus, you must use the code * 111 * 869 * 1 # or enable it on Play24. The last holiday gift from Play is Tidal Premium for free until the end of the year (not for 3 months, as the slideshow above), for every Play user on the card, Play Internet for card and Play Mix. Activate the bonus by downloading the Tidal app, clicking Try and selecting any song. Here is also a small hook, and actually a disadvantage for owners of smartphones from iOS – promotions can only run on Android phones. To bypass this issue, you need to put the SIM card into the green robot's smartphone on board and click there to try the Tidala app. You will receive an SMS with a login and password to your site, so you can use the app everywhere: on Android, iPhone, Windows, Macs, on a big screen or projector (with Chromecast), and via the web player. Source: Play