Vivo has followed today's Qualcomm trail and also presented its own fingerprint reader, which can be implemented under the screen. As you can see, the company can not only copy Apple, but also overtake it.

A few days ago, Vivo plans to launch its own fingerprint reader technology. The word has happened and Vivo has proven that it can not only copy Apple, but also bring its own solutions to the world of mobile technology, even before the aforementioned US or Samsung manufacturer. YouTube Preview Image Vivo Under Display allows you to implement a fingerprint reader not just beneath the screen, but also under metal components such as the phone frame. The Vivo solution resembles the technology presented today by Qualcomma, and even uses its readers. The whole is based on the ultrasound that works by using the piezoelectric effect. The reader can be placed anywhere. The solution developed by Vivo is still to be developed and it is not really known when it will hit the first commercial devices . In this respect, Qualcomm is more likely to popularize fingerprint readers under the screen, but for Vivo the applause is a testament. Source: FoneArena