Remember the SEGA console? If not, then there are definitely some things that you can say like Sonic, Phantasy Star or Altered Beast. The Japanese have decided they will make us a little surprise and will release their retro-classics in the mobile version – and it's free for both Android and iOS!

Recently, we are experiencing a real flood of retro-production. The biggest producers saw the potential in the mobile market and glorified them for it . This time SEGA joins the rate. The Japanese have announced that their cult games will be back in versions of Android and iOS mobile devices. The whole package is called SEGA Forever – Classic Games Collection. YouTube Preview Image The Japanese have decided to resolve the issue of earnings differently from other manufacturers. SEGA does not want you to pay for any of the refreshing productions, but each of them will have ads. For those who will be very distracted in the game, there is an option to buy the entire collection for 9 zł . I have to admit that this solution is really fair, because we get the opportunity to play for free with the non-cash, financial support of the manufacturer. The first batch of SEGA Forever classics will include such titles as S onic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone or even Altered Beast . The next game is to appear every two weeks – it is good to know that the Japanese have something in store for us. Games download on Android from here , and on iOS from here . Help yourselves!